Solar Wind Energy Systems Or Wind Turbines

Solar and windmill energy systems are used for residential, farm, commercial as well as industrial applications.  There are many suppliers and manufacturers of windmill turbines, which are accessible through E-mail links and company listings are available on various websites.

Solar energy costs are low, but the installation of the solar energy equipment is quite high.  But the windmill energy systems which are commercially proven US equipment are strong and basically designed for harsh climates.  Most of them are built simply and ruggedly, so that they last long. Some of these have a large swept area and can capture more wind and produce more energy, especially if the speed of the wind is low. 

Constant Energy

These solar windmill energy systems produce energy all the time, and generate power whenever you need it, not only during storms.  The bigger solar wind energy systems are used for on-grid and off-grid applications to be distributed in homes and farms.  They can be used for higher energy like telecommunications, farm electrification and even wind-electric water pumping.

For Commercial Use

The power independence that is provided by such solar wind energy systems is capable of providing power to commercial, industrial and government customers.   Some of the systems blend appropriate energy sources like wind, sunlight, hydrogen, biogas, natural gas and oil with the controls and power electronics in the systems which are tailored to
the needs of each customer. 

Windmill Turbines

Windmill turbines, which are solar wind energy systems, are especially suited to wind-hybrid applications in which the power which is generated is used directly by the end-user customer.  This system is used often by farms, schools, industrial businesses and municipal waste water treatment facilities in grid tied applications.  It is interesting to note that for remote communities it can be incorporated into a utility system and can provide power to small villages and towns. 

For private homes small and efficient wind turbines can be the solar wind energy systems.  They can also be used for farms, rural areas and light commercial and industrial facilities.  These smaller wind turbines have features which are typically found only in utility scale equipment like direct grid connection, triple safety system, constant rotor speed, gearbox and tip brakes amongst others. 

Tax Benefits

There are many tax benefits if you install solar wind energy systems, because the law wants to encourage the installation of solar, wind and farm-waste energy equipment systems. It also ensures property owners that their property taxes will not increase if these solar wind energy systems are installed.  The amount of exemption is equal to the increase in assessed value attributable to the solar energy system.